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Solutions To Your Matchmaking & Connection Questions. Exactly how did you two fulfill and how long are you presently collectively?

It is perhaps one of the most inquired about subject areas that individuals bring from our audience, which makes awareness since we make comics about the lesbian relationship. ??

We created our answers to all relationships and partnership questions below–we’ll continue to increase this once we run therefore go ahead and continue to upload the questions you have right here.

We fulfilled whenever we comprise both previous college or university grads that has merely gone to live in Ca for the brand-new opportunities. We generated the first step and achieved out to Chia on OkCupid (a now old matchmaking app) therefore we currently with each other since (5 ? age and counting)!

For more information on the backstory, you can read the comics about How We Met here:

When do you choose to move around in with each other as well as how do you control any challenges (budget, parents, etc.)?

We were the standard U-haul lesbians (in other words. we moved in along essentially following the basic month of matchmaking). We were both luckily enough become people who have been economically separate at that time and dwelling on our own.

If you’re young, you might not have the same deluxe at this time, therefore we would inspire one target methods being separate first and encouraging your self before carefully deciding to move in together with your partner. There are additionally several things the two of you is capable of doing together without having to move-in.

Whenever did you know your treasured both and that they were usually the one?

When we proceeded our very own earliest day, the psychological hookup and physical attraction for people ended up being both immediate. More I spoke to Chia, the more times i needed to invest with her–the world could’ve avoid and that I wouldn’t have actually seen.

We knew We cherished this lady while I had this powerful desire to tell/come off to my mommy about the union. Chia got the one i desired to tell anyone during my life around.

Various other essential indicators that said know she was actually the only:

  • We display exactly the same beliefs really want exactly the same points in life.
  • She’s my personal companion and I’m 110% me when I’m around her.
  • Getting together with her feels as though residence.
  • She has beauty, mind, while the ideal spontaneity.
  • We’re constantly growing collectively and encouraging each other.

What are some things you like and do not like about each other?

You will find unnecessary facts I favor about Chia to record them all here, but here’s an absurd comical concerning the things we like about each other:

And here you will find the comics about how precisely we annoy each other also ??:

Do you really two enter arguments and exactly how can you deal with them?

Yes! We’re similar to every single other couples on earth and certainly will bring our very own disagreements frequently, but our very own intent is usually resolve all of them along.

Through the years, we have now learned various techniques to do that effectively–you can browse our dos and wouldn’ts of solving an argument.

Are lesbian partners’ arguments distinctive from direct partners?

Great question! Within our feel, we find that no two relationships–whether lesbian or straight–are alike and just how couples disagree stem mainly from individual characters and how everyone approaches/resolves dispute without from intimate direction.

Including, both in your connections with women, these people were all very different from 1 another so we have completely different kinds of arguments with this lovers at the time.

That being said, you can find common differences and parallels between lesbian and direct people when considering arguing, namely:

  • it is easier for you (lesbians) to place our selves from inside the additional person’s shoes.
  • We special topics/challenges we disagree in regards to.
  • There is much less adherence to a rigid sex role structure so both parties tend to be on considerably equivalent ground during arguments.

We enter a more detailed reason about these distinctions and parallels inside our post right here.

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