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Celebs Known to Incorporate Matchmaking Software Like Tinder and OkCupid

These 19 stars Swipe correct and kept as you and me personally

Long gone include times where online dating is a stigmatized thing booked for socially uncomfortable dorks and timid loners. These days, it seems like everybody is on at least one app, web site or system unmarried group, non-monogamous men, coupled-up folks in search of part motion, and people on their own looking a 3rd.

The rich and famous are not any various, even though they could have more visitors lining up to concentrate on them IRL, that is no reason at all they can also select fancy via electronic means. Naturally, their celeb condition does not mean it’s exactly smooth. For example, lots of people might have problems trusting these people were sounding a celeb’s real account rather than a fraud or catfish effort, as well as 2, matchmaking a typical individual when you are popular could be an actual hassle for both events, regardless of her private being compatible.

This, without a doubt, means that the majority of celebs just who engage in online dating sites achieve this via apps that are designed with their lavish conditions. Nowadays, that frequently indicates Raya, an app whose most basis for becoming appears to be so Hollywood stars might have something you should swipe on. But from time to time, a bona fide celeb tries down an app designed for most people.

Discover a look at some popular greatest swipers of the past few years:

Famous People Just Who Incorporate Matchmaking Applications

Zac Efron

With a fantastic laugh, washboard abs and a legion of no-longer-teenaged senior high school Musical stans after him, you’ll need to guess Zac Efron would clean up on any typical dating app. However, his early experience on Tinder comprise evidently a bust with folks reporting his real visibility got a fake.

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe is not even close to the quintessential greatest member of her household, but she actually is still a pretty normal tabloid and news blog existence, in no small part because of the lady relationship. That being said, its quite alarming to discover that she’s willing to wade through weeds of online dating or at least she was sometime back. Rumor features they she had the woman very own OkCupid visibility in 2016.

Channing Tatum

The celebrity of the rev up and miracle Mike franchises has made a cushty life for themselves playing a lovable goofball who can grind hard on monitor, but as an individual who’s quite aware of working class anyone. It really is slightly unsatisfying to report that Tatum is well known primarily for his Raya use as opposed to something like Tinder or Bumble, but according to one source, his Raya biography claims he performed, certainly, use to are a stripper.


Lizzo’s tunes regularly reference are mistreated crazy by sub-par couples. It’s scarcely astonishing to listen to she actually is perhaps not fresh to the matchmaking app lifestyle, then. She apparently accompanied Raya in 2019 looking to match with John Mayer, but apparently that couldn’t happen. Chris Evans, however, did reply to a wasted Instagram DM fall, so she is doing things right!

Charlize Theron

The southern area African actress besides recognized for the lady charm in terms of their ability does not just feel just like online dating app material. Without doubt there is dozens otherwise numerous guys she understands who drop every thing up to now her, correct? But from the information of pal Chelsea Handler, she acknowledge to checking out Tinder in a 2017 meeting, while she apparently failed to love the app skills.

Ben Affleck

When Brad Pitt joked about creating a Tinder visibility inside the success speech for Best Supporting Actor back 2020, it appeared pretty laughable. However for Ben Affleck, one of his equivalents that pops into your brain when picturing a depiction of A-list maleness, creating an on-line relationships profile is not that far-fetched of an idea. Affleck fessed to having a Raya profile on Instagram following hit reported about it in 2019.

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